Murder by Guillaume Simoneau

“In MURDER, Simoneau’s works do honor to the Japanese master in a violent and modern way. This same violence, juxtaposed with the calm and gentleness of his mother's instinctive images lets us presume a romantic – maybe even watered down – vision of both his childhood and of the past. The omnipresence of such oppositions and tensions in Simoneau’s work is due to the fact that his focus centers primarily on the simultaneous presence of power and vulnerability, on the unique and fleeting coexistence of strengths and weaknesses. The sublime, the horrible, attention, negligence, youth, old age, gentleness, violence, day, night, life and death: the layers are multiple and the proposal complex.”

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Guillaume Simoneau graduated from the Dawson Professional Photography Program in 2000. You can see more of Guillaume’s work on his site and you can follow him on his Instagram and on Twitter